History of JAWA Divišov

Motorcycle racer and Jawa Founder, Jaroslav Simandl, relocated his tool-workshop from a region near the Czech border to Divišov in 1948. He then started to produce spare engine JAP parts for his racing colleagues for a six-day race organized in 1949 in England. There was a big demand for the spare parts, which caused Jaroslav Simandlto build a complete engine JAP. The first long-stroke engine S45, later called ESO, was produced in 1950. Unfortunately, production of these engines was really small. There were only about 30 pieces. The production changed to short-stroke engines very quickly. These types of engines are still in use today. The company started produce their own frames very quickly and in that moment, they started production of complete motorcycles ESO. Simultaneously, with the production of speedway motorcycles in Divišov, they also produced motorcycles for motocross, road racing and created the prototype of monopost F3 with a full aluminium skeleton. Divišov´s company included JAWA Týnec nad Sázavou in 1963 and all manufactured motorcycles had the JAWA signature. Divišov´s engines made a mark in the world due to their innovation. Racer Barry Briggs, in the beginning of the 70’s, and Mr. Mauger and Mr. Olsen in the 80’s, bring the greatest glory to the JAWA signature.

After November 1989 JAWA Týnec nad Sázavou split and an independent company was created in Divišov. This company was privatized in 1994. Jawa Divišov is one of the few companies that survived and specifically pushes speedway technology development. ESO and JAWA became the most successful signature brands in the 75 years of speedway racing history. They provide manufactured quality motorcycles and engines for short, long tracks or tracks with grass or ice still used today. About 90 percent of products are sold through a dealer network to 24 countries in 5 continents.

1948                Simandl

1950                S45 ESO

1965                JAWA

1989                JAWA Divisov

1994                Privatizace

2007                JRM

2013                D-ANA

2015                JRM Speedway Factory

2019                JAWA Factory